Napa Valley: The Restaurant at Meadowood, Three Michelin Stars – Photo Review

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The Restaurant at Meadowood was the highlight of our Memorial weekend trip in 2019 to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary on the exact date we got married. With an abundance of agriculture in Napa Valley, the restaurant is our first real farm-to-table Michelin dining experience.

We ordered the tasting menu, 14 courses total, for the evening with wine pairing. The flow of the courses from start to finish:

  • four small-sized bite canape
  • five dishes from the sea
  • two from the land
  • cheese
  • dessert
  • petit four

Vegetables, flowers, herbs, and plants from their garden were used heavily throughout the dishes, making their cuisine different from a typical Michelin. Being health-conscious, we love fresh local, sustainable ingredients, and pure taste turns into imaginative dishes.

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How to Make a Reservation at The Restaurant at Meadowood

You can make an online reservation on tock. Reservations are opened three months in advance, and they accept parties of up to 6 for the full tasting menu. Reservations are sold out fast for weekends. If you have a special occasion and a specific date in mind, plan well in advance to book as soon as the systems open up your date for reservation.

The Beautiful Golf Course at Meadowood Napa Valley Resort

We came early to get settled in and enjoyed the sunset on the patio overlooking the golf courses.

Inside The Restaurant at Meadowood

Enter the massive front door and step into this luxurious rustic cabin-like lounge with high-vaulted ceilings, big portrait windows surrounded by forest trees.

Elegant Place Setting


A simple and elegant place setting that serves as decor and part of the welcoming experience.

We sat at a great location by the window with visibility of the whole dining room. Most tables arranged along the window are for a party of two.

A Handwritten Card from the #TRAMily


Upon seating, they handed a small hand-written card in a black jacket to congratulate us.



We started the evening to toast with Schramsberg sparkling wine, super delicious and left me with an unforgettable impression. I fall in love and become a sparkling wine or champagne aficionado since.

Not taking a photo of the bottle label for my record is something I regret, as I would love to shop for it.

I was first introduced to Schramsberg this evening, and little did I know the vineyard is in Napa Valley. They have been producing sparkling wine for more than 50 years. On my next visit to Napa Valley, I would add Schramsberg Vineyard to the itinerary for a tour and tasting.

The Perfect Wine Pairing

One of the best wine pairings ever, simply magic, and elevate the culinary experience to a whole new level. The sommelier, who was knowledgeable and approachable, explained the wine selection that pair with each dish.

Wine does not taste good alone or so much better when eating with the right food. We are not an avid wine drinker, but passionately enjoy it in the right setting like Michelin dining and leave it to the capable sommelier to choose for us.

Beautiful Farm-to-Table Vegetable and Flower Garden

A showcase of beautiful herbs, vegetables, and flowers presented, highlighting the fresh ingredients used as part of our dish before the meal service begins.

Tasting Menu / May 25, 2019

The menu started with morsels of four canapes, such as green almond treated like olives, salad roll wrapped with white asparagus, freshly dug potatoes (literally dug from the ground), and beignet chestnut miso.

Fermented vichyssoise pea caviar

Escabeche of garden broccoli and clams

Hickory corn tamale with spot prawn

However, I was accommodated to a vegetarian version as I am allergic to shrimp.

Black cod daylily

Cabbage and abalone

Duck, the ingredient in our next courses

Chrysanthemum duck tea, the fanciest tea with fresh herbs brewed in duck broth.

Breast of white peking duck glazed in preserved cherry juice with California rice

Slowly cooked pork collar kohlrabi spiced like apples

A cheese dish before the dessert, presenting black truffle blue cheese, beeswax pear, and charter oak bread.

My reaction in the video says it all. Black truffle blue cheese with the perfect white wine from France = heaven. Great memory.

Cherimoya cream pie

The last bite at a Michelin restaurant or French fine dining always consists of petit four, meaning four small-sized bites, that comes after the dessert and conclude the end of the tasting menu.

Departure Gift

A gift box of bourbon tea and beeswax caramel candies along with the tasting menu printed on vellum paper.

Kitchen Tour

Introduced to the different spice widely used to refine the natural taste of the dishes.

Napa Valley: The Restaurant at Meadowood, Three Michelin Stars - Photo Review

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