Photo Tour: Bellagio Las Vegas “Into the Woods” Autumn Display

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Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens autumn displays are available for public viewing until November 28, 2020, but COVID-19 makes it impossible for many to travel to Las Vegas to see the enchanted masterpiece, Into the Woods, designed by Ed Libby this year.

Here are some photos to guide you through his creations from home as if you were there. Each set of scenes or object is designed to fill you with inspirations of transformation, reflection, and empowerment.

A family of foxes playing in the forest underneath a treehouse surrounded by floral gardens and mushrooms, and dragonflies.

Flickering dragonflies are displayed throughout the garden to symbolize transformation and adaptability.

Bear loves honey and is attractive to beehives. The bees prepare (can you see them on the tree?) a bountiful pot of honey, one of the food sources, for the bears to eat and build up to live off during hibernation in the winter. The hardworking, productive bees represent wealth, prosperity, and duty, as depicted in this display, sitting harmoniously with the bears.

The pathway leading inside a hollow tree, guiding you deeper into the woods.

The large hollow tree and exiting to a lined floral mushrooms.

Fairies beside a tranquil reflecting pond and colorful stained-glass window woodland fairy house with dragonflies dancing in the overhead.

A comparison of day and night of the fairy tale by the pond at the same spot.

Night ambiance at Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is a magical forest.

Inside the large hollow tree adorned with acorn pendant lamps and a center water fountain.

The outside perimeter of the garden, opposite end of the entrance, by Sadelle’s Cafe.