6 Stylish Essentials to Bring to Koh Samui Thailand

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1. Sun Hat for the Wanderlust

Who doesn’t need extra UV (ultraviolets) ray protection under the scorching sun? These hats are pretty stylish and protect your hair, eyes, and skin. The lighter color bounces the heat off of your face even better. For optimum result, remember to pair it with a sunscreen of at least SFP 30.

2. Comfortable Beach Sandal

Oka-B is my favorite brand for sandal at the beach or around the pool. They are comfortable and effortlessly chic, and 100% American made. I discovered them on my honeymoon in Hawaii while searching for another sandal to replace an unbearable wood sole flip flop that was newly bought for that trip.  The sole was flat and hard as a rock and provide no support for the arch of my feet. I knew these Oka-B sandals could save my walking feet the instance I saw it. Since then, I have also added another ballerina flat to my Oka-B collection. I can tell you they last forever and are so easy to clean.

Other chic options are Melissa and TKEES.

3. Photogenic Beach Towel

Don’t they just look so much better in pictures than plain white cotton towels? This is one way to create beautiful photo memories that don’t cost a lot and reminds you of your chic vacation. 

4. Fancy Pool Float

I am sure you have seen novelty floats like this with the increasing of influencers showcasing them on their blog and social media channels. They are the ultimate pool essential for adults who want to have fun and a good time in style.

5. Stylish Deet-Free Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

I actually like these Kinven Mosquito Bug Repellent Faux Leather Bracelet Bands a lot. I used them in Costa Rica, and they work much better and smell pleasant than to drench your entire body in toxic chemical sprays. It comes in various color options you will find one that suits your taste, and comes in a package of 4, 8, and 12. If you have been observing my Instagram feed, you know I like pink so I am thrilled these are available in my favorite color. Silver is nice too, I will get that for my husband. I will make sure this time to get enough for the 15-day Southeast Asia trip visiting Saigon, Da Nang Bangkok, Koi Samui, and also Macau and Hong Kong. Even though the product description states one bracelet can last up to 15 days, I rather be safe than sorry.

6. Waterproof Case for Smartphone in Cute Colors

A simple protector for your phone that allows you to enjoy splashes of water taking photos by the beach, the pool, or even under the water worry-free.  It is also hands-free by attaching the strap around your neck. I did just that zip lining through the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica last July. By having the camera phone with me through this fast-paced and adventurous activity, I was able to capture candid, short-lived moments I wouldn’t have otherwise could.

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6 Stylish Essentials to bring to Koh Samui Thailand

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